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Important Dates You Should Know

What is the phase-in period in the revised Hazard Communication Standard?

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GHS – Global Harmonization System

Below are links that will help you understand some of the changes regarding the Global Harmonization System of Classifications and Labeling of Chemicals

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Product Offering

MSDS SOURCE is a Woman Owned business that began in 2002 and has grown to be one of the most respected organizations in the SDS Compliance and SDS Software Industries today. The Company got its start because of an unparalleled need for companies to eliminate their paper and access their SDS online efficiently and on budget, allowing their employees to focus on the core competencies of the Company.

MSDS SOURCE saw the importance of updating SDS's with intentionality on a regular basis and not with a "hit or miss" mentality. Our goal is to do this all within a budget that is affordable for Companies large and small.

MSDS SOURCE offers a wide range of innovative products and services that help Companies in many different industries maintain their SDS's with full confidence, assurance and compliance.

Online SDS management is one of the smartest ways to save money while continuing to meet OSHA regulations. For years, workers have kept files and files of torn, yellowing, illegible SDS. Every time an employee needs an SDS, it is very time consuming to search through a binder that may not have been updated for who knows how long? Is the SDS readable? Is it a duplicate? Which one is right? Is it even in the binder? Sound familiar? It takes too much time and slows down the flow of information, especially in the event of an emergency. This situation is extremely risky.
MSDS SOURCE offers the most cost effective SDS management service on the market today. We offer complete Searching, Scanning, Indexing and updating services. Why get boggled down in the minutiae of management. Let MSDS SOURCE handle your SDS management and let your employees concentrate on the core competencies of your company.
The days of the disorganized paper SDS are gone. Now, with only a few keystrokes, you can view, download, print and distribute SDS with ease and so can anyone in your company. MSDS SOURCE builds customized sites for each customer where you can search by chemical name or trade name, cas #, internal code number, manufacturer, distributor, manufacturers code number, and best of all, you can search so you can see exactly what is in the janitors closet on the third floor.

Do you have:

Now you can:



 SDS in filing Cabinets

 Create Safer Work Environments

 Binders with missing pages

 Lower your costs

 Folders with duplicates

 Save Company time

 Out of date SDS

 Reduce Risk with compliance

 Illegible SDS

 Have employees work on Core Competencies

 Noncompliance Issues